ADT Mag: “After Corporate Failure, Open Source RethinkDB Lives On Under The Linux Foundation”

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When his company that backed the open source NoSQL RethinkDB project failed commercially last October, co-founder Slava Akhmechet said: “We’re brainstorming together how to transition RethinkDB to a self-sustaining open source project … if there is a way for RethinkDB to live on, we’ll find it!”

They found it.

Today the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced it had purchased RethinkDB’s source code and donated it to CNCF’s parent organization, The Linux Foundation, where it will live on under an Apache license. READ MORE.

TechCrunch: “The Cloud Native Compute Foundation acquires RethinkDB’s source code”

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Here’s some unusual news: the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) today announced that it has acquired the RethinkDB copyright and assets, including its code, and contributed it to The Linux Foundation. RethinkDB, which had raised about $12.2 million in venture capital for its open-source database, went out of business in October 2016. The CNCF says it paid $25,000 to complete this transaction. The code will now be available under the Apache license. READ MORE.

Enterprise Apps Today: “Linux Foundation Takes Ownership of RethinkDB Code”

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Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced on Feb. 6 that it paid $25,000 to acquire all of the RethinkDB code, copyrights and assets. The CNCF then re-licensed all the code under the Apache Software License version two, which does not have the same strict requirement for code contributions. CNCF has subsequently contributed the code to the Linux Foundation. CNCF itself is a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. READ MORE.

Server Watch: “Linkerd Project Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation”

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The Linux Foundation’s Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is expanding its roster of hosted projects today with the inclusion of the open-source Linkerd service mesh project.

The CNCF got started in July 2015 with the Kubernetes container management platform as its first project. CNCF has since expanded by adding the Prometheus monitoring project in May 2016 and the OpenTracing project in October 2016. READ MORE.