Case Study: Ygrene

Challenge: Reached limits on scalability with data sources and systems

Application: Scalable and secure platform supporting loans for renewable energy projects

Solution: Cloud native technologies and practices: Kubernetes, Notary, and Fluentd on Amazon EC2 Spot

Deployment time

From 3-4 hours to 5 minutes

Deployment rate

Increased from every 1-2 weeks to 3-4 times a week


Zero downtime


Saves 1-2 days of work configuring each new service for logging

Kubernetes clusters run on EC2 Spot at a tenth of the previous cost

“CNCF has been an amazing incubator for so many projects. It’s become a hub for software we need to be looking at to make our systems more secure and scalable.” —Austin Adams, Development Manager, Ygrene Energy Fund

“CNCF projects are helping Ygrene determine the security and observability standards for the entire PACE industry. We’re an emerging finance industry and without these projects, especially Kubernetes, we couldn’t be the industry leader that we are today.” —Austin Adams, Development Manager, Ygrene Energy Fund

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