Case Study: Workiva

Challenge: Needed platform-agnostic tracing to pinpoint bottlenecks

Application: Distributed tracing system for multi-cloud SaaS products

Solution: OpenTracing used across Google and AWS clouds

Customer base

> 70 percent of the Fortune 500 companies

One internal library

Logging, telemetry, analytic, and tracing

Tracing client side

Improves user experience

Average Response Time: Reduced average 95 percent

“With OpenTracing, my team was able to look at a trace and make optimization suggestions to another team without ever looking at their code.” —MacLeod Broad, Senior Software Architect, Workiva

“A tracing system can at a glance explain an architecture, narrow down a performance bottleneck and zero in on it, and generally just help direct an investigation at a high level.” —MacLeod Broad, Senior Software Architect, Workiva

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