Case Study: Woorank

Challenge: Legacy infrastructure had high operational overhead

Application: Building a platform easy for a small team to manage

Solution: Kubernetes orchestration on Docker containers

Cost savings of 30%

Infrastructure updates:

2 active working days -> a few hours of passively following the process

2x rate

of deployments per day

Time spent

implementing new tools: weeks -> a few days

Just one person maintaining Kubernetes, and it’s not a full-time job

“Cloud native technologies have brought to us a transparency on everything going on in our system, from the code to the server. It has brought huge cost savings and a better way of dealing with those costs and keeping them under control. And performance-wise, it has helped our team understand how we can make our code work better on the cloud native infrastructure.” —Nils De Moor, CTO/Cofounder, Woorank

“It was definitely important for us to have CNCF as an umbrella above everything. We’ve always been working with open source libraries and tools and technologies. It works very well for us, but sometimes things can drift, maintainers drop out, and projects go haywire. For us, it was indeed important to know that whatever project gets taken under this umbrella, it’s taken very seriously. Our way of contributing back is also by joining this community. It’s, for us, a way to show our appreciation for what’s going on in this framework.” —Nils De Moor, CTO/Cofounder, Woorank

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