Case Study: VSCO

Challenge: Needed greater efficiency in AWS EC2 instances

Application: Built Kubernetes scheduling system

Solution: Kubernetes orchestration and cloud native stack

Deployments went from 1200/year to 3200/year

70% overall EC2 savings

Time to first deploy went from 2 days to 2 hours

88% decrease in total minutes downtime

2x to 20x greater EC2 efficiency, depending on service

“Exposing Kubernetes constructs as a service to our engineers as opposed to exposing higher order constructs has worked well for us. It lets you get familiar with the technology and do more interesting things with it.” — Melinda Lu, Engineering Manager for VSCO’s Machine Learning Team

“Because there’s now an organization that supports Kubernetes, does that build confidence? The answer is a resounding yes.” — Naveen Gattu, Senior Software Engineer on VSCO’s Community Team

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