Case Study: ThredUp

Challenge: Modernize infrastructure for increased velocity

Application: Migrated entire infrastructure to Kubernetes

Solution: Kubernetes orchestration

Deployment time decreased 50% for key services

3200+ ansible scripts deprecated in favor of Helm charts

New application roll-out time decreased from several days/weeks to minutes/hours

“Lead time” for all applications under 20 minutes

Hardware cost decreased 56% while number of services doubled

“Moving towards cloud native technologies like Kubernetes really unlocks our ability to experiment quickly and learn from customers along the way.” —Chris Homer, Cofounder/CTO, ThredUP

“Kubernetes enabled auto scaling in a seamless and easily manageable way on days like Black Friday. We no longer have to sit there adding instances, monitoring the traffic, doing a lot of manual work.” —Chris Homer, Cofounder/CTO, ThredUP

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