Case Study: Spotify

Challenge: Replace homegrown container orchestration

Application: Increase velocity and reduce cost for supporting containerized microservices

Solution: Replace homegrown orchestration with Kubernetes

CPU utilization has improved 2-3x

Thousands of microservices in production, 150+ running on Kubernetes

Creating new service, getting operational host in production, and capacity planning went from almost an hour to seconds or minutes

“We saw the amazing community that’s grown up around Kubernetes, and we wanted to be part of that. We wanted to benefit from added velocity and reduced cost, and also align with the rest of the industry on best practices and tools.” —Jai Chakrabarti, Director of Engineering, Infrastructure and Operations, Spotify

“The community has been extremely helpful in getting us to work through all the technology much faster and much easier. And it’s helped us validate all the things we’re doing.” —Dave Zolotusky, Software Engineer, Infrastructure and Operations, Spotify

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