Case Study: Prowise

Challenge: Needed flexible scaling and versioning

Application: Adopted containerization, improved CI/CD pipelines, built Kubernetes platform

Solution: Microsoft Azure’s managed Kubernetes service


in prod quarterly -> monthly

Zero downtime

during updates

Code fixes

for bugs pushed to production minutes after detection


every hour

Deployment time went from 30 minutes preparation plus 30 minutes deployment to a couple of seconds

“Kubernetes allows us to really consider the best tools for a problem. Want to have a full-fledged analytics application developed by a third party that is just right for your use case? Run it. Dabbling in machine learning and AI algorithms but getting tired of waiting days for training to complete? It takes only seconds to scale it. Got a stubborn developer that wants to use a programming language no one has heard of? Let him, if it runs in a container, of course. And all of that while your operations team/DevOps get to sleep at night.” —Victor van den Bosch, Senior DevOps Engineer, Prowise

“Because of Kubernetes, things have been much easier, our individual applications are better, and we can spend more time on functional implementation. We do not want to go back.” —Victor van den Bosch, Senior DevOps Engineer, Prowise

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