Case Study: Northwestern Mutual

Challenge: Increase velocity and improve client website experience

Application: Building an elastically scalable platform without deployment bottlenecks

Solution: Kubernetes for orchestration of Docker containers on AWS

Infrastructure deployment reduced from 2 weeks to minutes

No more outage window

Replaced vendor API management product that used 23 dedicated servers in production

Deployments went from 24/year to 500+/year

“In a large enterprise, you may not be at a point where your whole stack can be cloud native. What if you can take your API management tool and make it cloud native, but still proxy to legacy systems? Using different pieces that are cloud native, open source, and Kubernetes native, you can do pretty innovative stuff.” — Frank Greco Jr., Cloud Native Engineer, Northwestern Mutual

“We had a lot of hard security requirements given the nature of our business. We found ourselves running a configuration that very few other people ever tried.” — Bryan Pfremmer, App Platform Teams Manager, Northwestern Mutual

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