Case Study: Nordstrom

Challenge: Increase speed and efficiency of technology operations

Application: Building on CI/CD project, providing container technologies to DevOps teams

Solution: Kubernetes Orchestrated Containers

Reduced Deployment Time

3 months to 30 days

25-minute merge to 5 minutes

CPU Utilization

5x to 12x increase

40% CPU Utilization

2600 VMs → 40 VMS

“Teams running on our Kubernetes cluster loved the fact that they had fewer issues to worry about. They didn’t need to manage infrastructure or operating systems.” – Marius Grigoriu, Sr. Manager of the Kubernetes team

“We are always looking for ways to optimize and provide more value through technology. With Kubernetes we are showcasing two types of efficiency that we can bring: Dev efficiency and Ops efficiency. It’s a win-win.” – Dhawal Patel, senior engineer at Nordstrom

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