Case Study: Nokia

Challenge: Enable infrastructure-agnostic product development

Application: Re-architecturing products and migrating to Kubernetes

Solution: Kubernetes, containers, and cloud native practices

100s of hours saved in every release from not having to test on different target environments

Helped a telecom company do DevOps

Supports carrier grade “five nines” availability (99.999%)

Enabled Nokia’s foray into 5G

“When people are picking up their phones and making a call on Nokia networks, they are creating containers in the background with Kubernetes.” —Gergely Csatari, Senior Open Source Engineer, Nokia

“Kubernetes opened the window to all of these open source projects instead of implementing everything in house. Our engineers can focus more on the application level, which is actually the thing what we are selling, and not on the infrastructure level. For us, the most important thing about Kubernetes is it allows us to focus on value creation of our business.” —Gergely Csatari, Senior Open Source Engineer, Nokia

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