Case Study: Netflix

Challenge: Improve developer productivity

Application: Easy-to-consume, all-in-one RPC solution

Solution: gRPC for interservice communication

Creating a client

went from 2-3 weeks to minutes

Time to market

reduced by orders of magnitude

Substantial reduction

in P99s for gRPC-oriented services

100s of lines of custom cache management code replaced by 2-3 lines of configuration in proto per client

“There are a number of people who struggled with the complexity of their clients and the challenges of operations, that they chose to rewrite their applications in gRPC because the value proposition that it made was so substantial.” —Tim Bozarth, Director of Platform Engineering, Netflix

“When we picked gRPC, we were betting that it would get the adoption and a lot of other people building useful things in open source. I think largely that bet has paid off.” —William Thurston, Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

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