Case Study: Nerdalize

Challenge: Orchestration for affordable, sustainable cloud provider

Application: Building a rock-solid platform for cloud customers’ work loads

Solution: Kubernetes orchestration of Docker containers

Before, 1 day to set up VMs, network, and software; now, a couple minutes to spin up a Kubernetes cluster

2 tons of CO2 emissions saved per Nerdalize household per year

Households hosting Nerdalize servers save 200 euro per year on heating bill

With Kubernetes, Nerdalize prices are 40% more affordable than other cloud providers

“We can walk into a boardroom and put a Kubernetes logo up, and people accept it as an established technology. It becomes this centerpiece where other cloud native projects can tie in, so there’s a network effect that each project empowers each other. This is something that has a lot of value when we have to talk to customers and convince them that our cloud fits their needs.” —Ad van der Veer, Product Engineer, Nerdalize

“One of our customers used to spend up to a day setting up the virtual machines, network and software every time they wanted to run a project in the cloud. On our platform, with Docker and Kubernetes, customers can have their projects running in a couple of minutes.” —Maaike Stoops, Customer Experience Queen, Nerdalize

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