Case Study: Nav

Challenge: Improve utilization of cloud environments

Application: Migrated 25 microservices and one monolith to Kubernetes

Solution: Kubernetes orchestration on AWS

Launching a new service went from 2 weeks for 2 developers to under 10 minutes for 1 developer

Deployments increased 5x

50% infrastructure cost savings

Resource utilization increased from 1% to 40%

“Kubernetes gave us a very simple way to be able to step into an orchestration solution that fit our needs at the time, but also the extensibility of it allowed us to be able to grow with it and be able to build in more features and functionality later on.” —Travis Jeppson, Director of Engineering, Nav

“The community is absolutely vital: being able to pass ideas around, talk about a lot of the similar challenges that we’re all facing, and just get help. I like that we’re able to tackle the same problems for different reasons but help each other along the way.” —Travis Jeppson, Director of Engineering, Nav

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