Case Study: City of Montréal

Challenge: Modernize architecture for 1,000+ applications

Application: Integrated CI/CD solution on Kubernetes

Solution: Kubernetes, containers, Prometheus monitoring

Deployment went from months to hours

Time to market reduced from many months to a few weeks

Small team of 5 operating the Kubernetes clusters

Hundreds of VMs -> 8 VMs for 200 application components in production

“We realized the limitations of having a non-orchestrated Docker environment. Kubernetes came to the rescue, bringing in all these features that make it a lot easier to manage and give a lot more benefits to the users.” —Jean-Martin Thibault, CTO, City of Montréal

“Getting a project running in Kubernetes is entirely dependent on how long you need to program the actual software. It’s no longer dependent on deployment. Deployment is so fast that it’s negligible.” —Marc Khouzam, Solutions Architect, City of Montréal

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