Case Study: Crowdfire

Challenge: Scaling services and deployment teams

Application: Platform for users to create content anywhere on the internet and publish in the right format

Solution: Cloud native with a custom Kubernetes setup

Reduce deployment time

15 minutes to less than a minute

Operating Expenses

Decreased 50%

Deployments per day

From 5 to 70

Cost savings


“As the number of services and development teams increased and we scaled further, deploy times, self-healing capabilities and resource utilization started to become problematic. We realized that we needed a more cloud native approach to deal with these issues.” – Amanpreet Singh, Software Engineer at Crowdfire

“In the 15 months that we’ve been using Kubernetes, it has been amazing for us. It enabled us to iterate quickly, increase development speed, and continuously deliver new features and bug fixes to our users, while keeping our operational costs and infrastructure management overhead under control.” – Amanpreet Singh, Software Engineer at Crowdfire

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