Case Study: Bose

Challenge: Need infrastructure to support connected products

Application: Scaled IoT Platform-as-a-Service on AWS

Solution: Cloud infrastructure based on Kubernetes and other CNCF technologies

Launched platform with over 3 million connected Bose speakers

30,000 annual non-production deployments

1250+ production deployments in 2018

1,800 namespaces/discrete services, 340 nodes, 100+ developers on production cluster

Services can move from concept to customer value in 2.5 weeks

“At Bose we’re building an IoT platform that has enabled our physical products. If it weren’t for Kubernetes and the rest of the CNCF projects being free open source software with such a strong community, we would never have achieved scale, or even gotten to launch on schedule.” —Josh West, Lead Cloud Engineer, Bose

“Everybody on the team thinks in terms of automation, leaning out the processes, getting things done as quickly as possible. When you step back and look at what it means for a 50-plus-year-old speaker company to have that sort of culture, it really is quite incredible, and I think the tools that we use and the foundation that we’ve built with them is a huge piece of that.” —Dylan O’Mahony, Cloud Architecture Manager, Bose

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