Case Study: Adform

Prometheus focus

Challenge: High availability metrics platform to meet growth

Application: Monitoring as a Service based on Prometheus

Solution: Prometheus with Console, OpenStack, Kubernetes service discovery

10 Prometheus instances, 5000+ scraping targets, 2M+ timeseries per instance

Targets scraped every 5 seconds

4-5x lower costs for setting up hardware/virtual machines, metrics, and logging

Developers save about one day that would otherwise be spent on monitoring infrastructure setup

“Prometheus enables us to have rich dashboards on our infrastructure and services. We have dashboards all around the office—every team has a few monitors hanging just to display some metrics—and online. It becomes easy to troubleshoot when you can see the history of all critical metrics.” —Edgaras Apšega, IT System Engineer, Adform

“Prometheus solved several problems for us, like high availability, centralized targets configuration, and service discovery.” — Andrius Cibulskis, IT System Engineer, Adform

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