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Cloud Native Computing Foundation becomes steward of service naming and discovery project CoreDNS

March 2, 2017 By Natasha Woods

The CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) recently voted CoreDNS into the CNCF portfolio of projects. CoreDNS, a fast, flexible and modern DNS server, joins a growing number of projects integral to the adoption of cloud native computing. CoreDNS…

Slack gives back to K8s and CNCF community

March 1, 2017 By Kristen Evans

Slack is giving back to the Kubernetes and CNCF communities with free access as part of their not for profit program. We are also thrilled that they have extended their not for…

Cloud Native Computing Foundation to host gRPC from Google

March 1, 2017 By Natasha Woods

CNCF is the new home for gRPC and its existing ecosystem projects (https://github.com/grpc and https://github.com/grpc-ecosystem). The sixth project voted in by CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), gRPC is a modern, open source,…

Prometheus user profile: How DigitalOcean uses Prometheus

February 28, 2017 By Kristen Evans

DigitalOcean – a CNCF member and devoted Prometheus user – is approaching one million registered users with more than 40,000 active teams. With workloads becoming more complex, it is focused on delivering the…

Measuring the popularity of Kubernetes using BigQuery

February 27, 2017 By Dan Kohn

By Dan Kohn, CNCF Executive Director, @dankohn1 As the executive director of CNCF, I’m proud to host Kubernetes, which is one of the highest development velocity projects in the history of open…

Prometheus user profile: Dynamically helping Weaveworks accelerate cloud native application development

February 24, 2017 By Kristen Evans

Sometimes two things go so well together you wonder how you ever saw them separately, like peanut butter and chocolate coming together to make Reese’s cups. The combination of Kubernetes and Prometheus…

Getting to know Todd Moore, CNCF’s new governing board chair

February 15, 2017 By Natasha Woods

1) What does the CNCF Governing Board do and what is your role as chair? The CNCF is a result of a shared vision by many of us in the cloud community….

CNCF purchases RethinkDB source code and contributes it to The Linux Foundation under the Apache license

February 6, 2017

CNCF has purchased the source code to the RethinkDB database, relicensed the code under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (ASLv2) and contributed it to The Linux Foundation. RethinkDBTM is an open source,…

Why CNCF recommends Apache-2.0

February 1, 2017 By Dan Kohn

By Dan Kohn, @dankohn1, CNCF Executive Director February 1, 2017 The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) believes that the best software license for open source projects today is the Apache-2.0 license (Apache-2.0)….

Linkerd project joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

January 23, 2017 By Natasha Woods

Today, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) voted to accept Linkerd as the fifth hosted project alongside Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing and Fluentd. You can find more information on the project…