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Flux June 2021 update

June 2, 2021 By Daniel Holbach

As the Flux family of projects and its communities are growing, we strive to inform you each month about what has already landed, new possibilities which are available for integration and where…

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Overcoming 5 key challenges of analytics in the cloud

June 1, 2021 By Akash Bakshi

Guest post by Akash Bakshi of MSys Technologies In today’s world of enterprise IT, managing vast amounts of data is necessary for all digital transformation. According to MarketsandMarkets.com, the global cloud analytics market…

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Benchmarking Linkerd and Istio

May 28, 2021

Guest Project Post originally published on the Linkerd blog by William Morgan of Linkerd Two years ago, the fine folks at Kinvolk benchmarked the performance of Linkerd and Istio and showed that Linkerd was dramatically…

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Disaster Recovery Plan: How to make sure you’re prepared for the worst

May 28, 2021 By Gilad Weiss

Guest post originally published on Rookout’s blog by Gilad Weiss, Full Stack Developer at Rookout The first lesson you learn as you start to work around the DevOps field is that being…

Argo rollouts 1.0 released!

May 27, 2021 By Argo Maintainers

Project post from Henrik Blixt and Argo maintainers It’s with great pride and excitement that we announce Argo Rollouts 1.0! The project has seen rapid adoption and production use even in it’s 0.x releases…

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How AIOps helps in application monitoring

May 24, 2021 By Ajit Chelat

Guest post originally published on the LOGIQ blog by Ajit Chelat There’s no one-size-fits-all approach regarding application monitoring, especially for companies using applications in various cloud environments. Companies are rapidly investing in…

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Red Hat and IBM Research launch the Konveyor project

May 24, 2021 By Red Hat

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 – Virtual sponsored post by Red Hat  Kubernetes, supported by a vibrant open source community, can drive outstanding innovation. To help in Kubernetes adoption, Red Hat and IBM Research…

Building a modern-day data analytics platform on AWS

May 20, 2021 By Akash Bakshi

Guest post by Akash Bakshi, Lead Content Writer at MSys Technologies With the rise of cloud computing, companies are constantly migrating their legacy data warehouses or analytical databases to the cloud. However,…

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Our journey to building a managed orchestration system at Bloomberg

May 18, 2021 By Nick Palumbo and Lewis Macdonald

Guest post by Nick Palumbo and Lewis Macdonald from Bloomberg Over the last decade, numerous workflow orchestration platforms have become popular in the technology community. The need to run logical flows of…

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The psychological value of a mesh

May 17, 2021 By Cisco

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 – Virtual sponsored post by Cisco and written by Vijoy Pandey VP Engineering, Emerging Technologies and Incubations, Cisco Unless you’ve been living in a cave, KubeCon, the CNCF conference focused…