KCD post by Saim Safdar, CNCF Ambassador

In August 2020, I embarked on a journey to establish Cloud Native Islamabad with a vision to cultivate local communities, foster knowledge sharing, and bridge the gap between international and local communities in support of Open Source sustainability. Recognizing the pivotal role of foundations like the CNCF in driving open-source innovation, I was determined to create a platform that not only nurtured local talent but also provided opportunities for collaboration with global foundations.

Over the course of our journey, we hosted 45 webinars on Cloud Native Islamabad, delving into 23 prominent open-source projects within the CNCF landscape. The idea of a conference had been brewing in our minds for quite some time. A gathering focused on sharing knowledge, celebrating success stories, and fostering connections within the Islamabad community and beyond. Thus, KCD Islamabad was born.

Inauguration of KCD in Pakistan 

In February 2023, we took our aspirations one step further and launched the inaugural KCD event in Pakistan. The response was overwhelming, fueling our determination to aim higher and dream bigger. Now, as we embark on our second annual event, I am thrilled to see our vision come to fruition. Let’s rewind the clock and relive the excitement of our journey.  

KCD’s – a KubeCon-like experience for local communities 

Big shout out to Audra Montenegro for her commitment to fostering the tech community and helping us with all the bells and whistles needed for the ground like KCD’s for Open Source innovation. With commitment and hard work by Audra and all the organizers around the globe, the KCD program grew 100% from 2022 to 2023, with 32 global KCDs last year alone, the goal is to bring the KubeCon experience to local communities.

KCD Islamabad’s resounding support from companies and local communities

Participants of KCD Islamabad 2024

Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) Islamabad recently concluded its second annual event on May 3rd System Limited Amazon office, drawing together developers, platform engineers, and IT professionals passionate about cloud-native technologies. This community-driven event, supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), served as a platform for sharing insights and exploring the latest innovations and trends within the Cloud Native ecosystem.

Acknowledging the generous support of sponsors such as System Limited, Cloud Dev, Huawei, Open Ware Business, Cloud Native Islamabad, Open Source Foundation Pakistan, Kube Career, Kube Events, and Cloud Native Podcast, the event boasted a diverse lineup of sessions and speakers.

Action Pack KCD Islamabad Speaker Lineup 

The event kicked off with a warm welcome and opening remarks by Bart Farrell and Cortney Nickerson, setting the stage for a day filled with enlightening discussions and presentations. The keynote address titled “Platform as a Product: Are We Nearly There Yet” by Paula Kennedy captivated the audience, and emphasized as organizations increasingly adopt cloud-native technologies, the concept of the platform as a product becomes increasingly relevant. By focusing on delivering value to internal and external customers, platform teams can drive innovation and accelerate digital transformation initiatives. However, the journey towards platform maturity is ongoing, and there are still obstacles to overcome. Platform as a Product underscored the importance of embracing a product mindset and iteratively refining platform offerings to meet the evolving needs of users. From establishing clear ownership and governance structures to fostering a culture of collaboration and feedback, numerous factors contribute to the success of platform initiatives. 

Attendees were treated to a variety of informative talks covering topics such as serverless on Kubernetes with Knative, Crossplane, Dapr, and KEDA, presented by Viktor Farcic. Daniel Niasoff shared valuable insights on optimizing private cloud infrastructure for cost efficiency. Deploying eBPF programs across cluster nodes presents a challenge in itself. Qasim Sarfaraz shared tips and tricks on Debugging Kubernetes and Container Workloads with the Superpower of eBPF. Robina Mirbahar talk underscores the significance of cohesive integration among cloud-native technologies to tackle shared infrastructure and application management needs, highlighting the advantages of leveraging open-source solutions for their flexibility, interoperability, and cost-effectiveness. 

State of Open Source in 2024

Participants of KCD Islamabad watching online presentation in a room

Cortney Nickerson led a panel discussion on the State of Open Source in 2024, featuring prominent industry figures including Paula Paul, Michale Cade, and Nancy Chauhan. The landscape has evolved significantly, presenting both new opportunities and challenges. One notable change is the increasing complexity surrounding open-source licenses, particularly as vendors introduce commercial support models. While this evolution underscores the growing commercial viability of open-source projects, it also introduces complexities that must be navigated carefully. You can now listen to this talk and watch all the talks on this Playlist on the KCD Islamabad YouTube channel

BIG THANK YOU – Our Stellar Speakers 

A projection screen showing a gentleman talking on KCD Islamabad
A group of gentlemen holding trophy on KCD Islamabad
A lady talking on teams meeting streamed on projector

The event was a great opportunity to express gratitude for the valuable contributions made by all the speakers who generously shared their knowledge and insights with the community. A special acknowledgement goes out to our local speakers, including Yousuf Jawad, Robina Mirbahar, Saleem Rafik, Tariq Rasheed, Ghazi Salahuddin, Shakeel Ahmed, Aftab Ahmed, Sannan Ahmed, and Muhammad Mustafa. We also extend our deepest appreciation to all the speakers who joined us virtually Viktor Farcic, Daniel Niasoff, Qasim Sarfraz, Hamza Rashid, Osama Tahir, Sergio Méndez, Mike Ashley Cedric, Nitish Kumar, Paula Kennedy, Paula Paul, Michael Cade and Nancy Chauhan.  to share their wealth of experience with our attendees.

Big Shout to KCD Islamabad Organizers

A lady receiving certificate on KCD Islamabad
A gentleman receiving a certificate on KCD Islamabad
A gentleman receiving a certificate on KCD Islamabad
A gentleman receiving a certificate on KCD Islamabad

Last but not least, a huge round of applause to our local organizers Danyal Ejaz, Taskeen Fatima, Hamza Shabbir, Hasnaat Iftikhar, Shaista Aman, Muhammad Farhan Ashraf, Usman Hamid, Babar Zahoor, Ali Abdullah and Abid Zahoor whose tireless efforts and unwavering commitment played a pivotal role in orchestrating this resounding success. From meticulous planning to seamless execution, you’ve truly gone above and beyond to ensure that KCD Islamabad was an unforgettable experience for all. We also extend our deepest appreciation to the CNCF community and organizers who joined us virtually Salman Iqbal, Faisal Afzal, Bart Farrell, and Cortney Nickerson, sharing invaluable insights, ideas, and expertise every step of the way. 

Rockstars of KCD Islamabad Bart and Cortney

Group of gentleman in classroom settings working and listening to presentation streamed on screen

Bart Farrell and Cortney Nickerson,  relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with their passion for advancing the Kubernetes and cloud-native community, have been instrumental in shaping the success of KCD Islamabad. On behalf of the entire KCD Islamabad community, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bart Farrell and Cortney Nickerson for their extraordinary commitment, leadership, and contributions. Your contributions will be cherished and remembered for years to come. Bart 10/10 for KCD Islamabad recap

With Collaborative wisdom Community, Collaboration and Growth will continue

KCD Islamabad 2024 was a resounding success, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking among cloud-native enthusiasts. As the community continues to grow and evolve, events like KCD play a vital role in driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of cloud-native technology. We look forward to future editions of KCD and the continued success of the Cloud Native community in Islamabad.