KCD post originally published on Linkedin by Angel Ramirez, CEO at Cuemby | CNCF & OSPO Ambassador | Public Speaker | Cloud Computing and Kubestronaut

As an ambassador for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and TODO (OSPO) Group, I recently enjoyed participating in KCD Argentina. This event exemplified the spirit of community and innovation. I was joined by my esteemed colleagues and fellow ambassadors, Cristher Castro and Alvin Estrada, who demonstrate unconditional support for the growth of Latin American communities.

Participants taking picture in front of KCD Argentina banner

We journeyed to Argentina to support the vibrant local community and the exceptional organizing team: Agustin Celano, ☁️🛡 Alfredo Pardo, Facundo Orsi, Matías Mospan, Milagros Zea Cárdenas and the volunteers who knocked out of the park with their professionalism and dedication, Pablo Esquerra Veas (looking forward to KCD Chile 2025!), Camila Sofía Fernández, led by Eduardo Spotti, whose dedication made the event an outstanding success.

Argentinean community on KCD Argentina stage

The event was an excellent showcase of the passion and expertise within the Argentinean community. Insightful talks and hands-on workshops started with a stellar opening by Marcos Nils, followed by K8s Security by Octavio Serpez and Martin Medina; there was a fascinating talk on Kubernetes adoption by Juliano Martins and Marcelo Quadros, an introduction to eBPF in the Kernel Space by Alvin Estrada, or how about making yourself indistructible with KubeChaos by Rossana Suarez and Axel Gabriel Labruna, then an intriguing GenAI panel with Mauricio Ferreyra, Ulises Martins, and Pablo Casas, led by Eduardo Spotti and a majestically with a presentation on the Automatic Threat Response Engine for Kubernetes by Igor Eulalio Morgado Lopes. There were so many options, and I wish I could have attended all of them.

Four speakers on stage for Kubernetes Community Day Argentina 2024

The event took place at the beautiful Ciudad Cultura Konex, and it was an excellent opportunity to connect with old friends and new faces. Emilia Vicini, Hernán Farruggia, Edward Monzon, Axel Gabriel Labruna, Lucio Bassani, Sergio Canales, among others please forgive me if I missing anyone. Special thanks to the Kadre team, Emilia, and Hernan for taking the leap of faith and joining us. As a CNCF ambassador, I want to express my gratitude.

Participants of KCD Argentina posing in front of foosball table

These events uniquely bridge the gap between online connections and real-life interactions, turning cyber friendships into genuine hugs and handshakes. The camaraderie and shared purpose made everyone feel valued in the community. Foto dump coming alert!

Participants of KCD Argentina posing in front of foosball table
Participants taking selfie on KCD Argentina event
Participants posing on KCD Argentina event
Participants taking selfie on KCD Argentina event

As the CEO of Cuemby, I believe in supporting the community, especially during times of rapid change and uncertainty in the open-source world. Our presence at KCD Argentina, alongside other supportive companies like Crubyt, Kadre, Whitestack, Craftech, BGH Tech Partner, Mercado Libre, DinoCloud and Sysarmy underscores our commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation. We demonstrated this commitment by immersing, collaborating, and co-creating with the community. The impact of our collective support was inspiring, reinforcing the idea that we are all united in our efforts to leverage technology for a better and more sustainable world.

During the event, I presented a case study on successful cloud-native adoption. I shared real-life examples of the challenges, such as cloud-native and Kubernetes complex adoption, the triumphs, such as reducing the time to release new features, and the continuous evolution required for success. The collaborative efforts across various departments within a company, including engineering and management, were a key highlight of my presentation.

Angel Ramirez speaking on the stage for The Impact of Platform Engineering in Cloud Operations while avoiding over-engineering
Angel Ramirez speaking on the stage for The Impact of Platform Engineering in Cloud Operations while avoiding over-engineering

Additionally, I moderated a dynamic round table fireside chat with Hernán Farruggia, Alvin Estrada, Rossana Suarez, and Eduardo Spotti, where we delved into the multifaceted topic of AI. We explored its cost implications, adoption strategies, talent acquisition, and evolution and even compared blockchain trends. I also want to thank the audience for their active participation and engagement. Your questions and insights enriched the discussions and made KCD Argentina memorable. KCD Argentina was more than just an event; it celebrated community, collaboration, and the shared vision of using technology to impact positively.

Argentinian community get together in a space on KCD Argentina event

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Eduardo Spotti for his warm welcome and for creating an environment that felt like a home away from home. I sincerely appreciated his hospitality as a community leader and as an individual. Community is everyone, and I want to thank Edu’s family, who welcomed us and allowed us to be part of them, making this a fantastic experience.

Collage picture of KCD Argentina

To Edu’s family, all my gratitude and recognition they deserve for supporting and being part of this event, making this community unique. Everyone is part of it!