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LitmusChaosCon September 12 Virtual conference 2024

The LitmusChaos community is excited to announce the inaugural edition of its community conference, the LitmusChaosCon 2024, a one-day virtual-only conference on all things LitmusChaos and Chaos Engineering scheduled on September 12th 2024

Mark your calendars for September 12th of 2024 as the LitmusChaos community announces the first of many upcoming editions of the LitmusChaosCon, the community-only conference on all things Chaos Engineering.

In its 1st edition, LitmusChaosCon will aim to reach the community with a punch of exciting user stories surrounding the LitmusChaos tool, contributor stories,diverse use cases and demos, lightning talks workshops, running LitmusChaos with other open source tools, more chaos engineering stories, the latest developments in the resilience ecosystem, and chaos culture that provide attendees with valuable insights to start or mature their chaos engineering practices.

About LitmusChaosCon

LitmusChaosCon is an event surrounding all things LitmusChaos and Chaos Engineering. It is a platform for SREs, QA Engineers, Developers, Performance Engineers and Students to exchange their ideas, experience, contribution stories and usage of LitmusChaos. If one has worked with LitmusChaos or one aims to adopt the practice of Chaos Engineering, this is the conference to attend and build the journey towards resilience.

LitmusChaosCon is built on the theme, “The Chaos Engineering Community Conference,” for this year, reflecting the importance of Chaos Engineering for the community in achieving resilience goals in the fast-growing digital world. 

The conference organizes a call for papers (CFP) program from the community of chaos engineering experts, vendors and practitioners to create an exciting list of sessions through which learning opportunities are created around the best practices to get started on chaos engineering as well as to scale the practice efficiently. 

The virtual conference also brings live workshops to provide hands-on experience in running chaos experiments and interacting with the experts. The workshops have been highly successful in the previous editions. 

The event is for all personas but is of special interest for SREs, DevOps Engineers, Performance Engineers, Developers, QA Engineers, and Students. For the first event, we are hopeful to have attendees from the following projects: LitmusChaos, Chaos Mesh, Keptn, Chaos Blade, Argo, Flux, Krkn, OpenTelementry.

Submit a talk for LitmusChaosCon 2024

The conference is accepting speaker submissions. If you want to share your expertise or perspective on chaos engineering in a breakout session, lightning talk, workshop, or panel discussion, now’s your chance. Speaker applications are open until June 23rd, 2024!

A huge thank you to Sessionize for hosting the call for papers for this year’s conference.

The Call For Papers should include:
1. Use Cases (Providing a sneak peek to how LitmusChaos is deployed in your environment, the challenges, and the road to success)
2. Integrations (Provide a sneak peek to how LitmusChaos is integrated with other CNCF tools or integrated with your infrastructure),
3. Contribution Story (Provide a sneak peek to how you contributed to LitmusChaos as a community member or mentee),
4. Community Stories (Provide a sneak peek of your learnings from the community),
5. Operations (Provide a sneak peek to how you are running LitmusChaos in your environment)

Register for LitmusChaosCon 2024

The conference is virtual-only supported by the CNCF and is free to attend, registration is open. Suppose you are an SRE, a developer, a QA engineer, a DevOps practitioner, a CTO, an Infrastructure engineer, a Cloud Architect, a Product Manager, or any persona that can bring in resiliency as a practice. In that case, this conference is for you.

For more information, please drop an email at

We hope to see you there on September 12! !

Important Dates to remember:

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