If it’s time to expand your skill set and master relevant new technologies, Linux Foundation Training and Certification and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation have a new course, Dapr with WebAssembly (LFD233).

At a time when technology is advancing more rapidly than ever before, certifications can play a pivotal role for developers and IT professionals looking to expand their skill sets, secure a promotion, or even find new roles. Data from a 2023 survey on the value of IT certifications found 37% of respondents received raises after earning a new certification and 27% got promoted. 

Dapr with WebAssembly is ideal for developers, cloud engineers and IT pros looking to do a deep dive into how the open source technologies can work together. Participants will learn how to leverage Dapr and WebAssembly to develop software more efficiently and securely, with an eye to creating cutting edge applications that can work within different environments.

Dapr with WebAssembly lets participants “e-learn” at their own speed, while having all the benefits of more traditional instruction like a hands-on lab and a discussion forum. The course is 7 hours in length. 

Topics covered include:

Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate and a digital badge.