We are excited to announce that together with Linux Foundation Training and Certification, we now offer four additional courses to our community. 

DevOps and Workflow Management with Argo (LFS256) 

Argo provides a robust framework for managing complex GitOps style workflows on Kubernetes, enabling organizations to streamline their deployment processes and enhance operational efficiency. 

This course teaches DevOps engineers, SysAdmins, and IT managers how to implement Argo to manage complex deployments and workflows. Along with real-world experience and study, the course will help participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully pass the Certified Argo Project Associate (CAPA) certification exam. 

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Mastering Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling with KEDA (LFS257)

Event-driven autoscaling with KEDA is a must for cloud native professionals. Designed for Kubernetes administrators, DevOps engineers, and cloud native professionals, this course provides developers with the essential skills needed to configure and optimize KEDA for efficient resource management and responsive scaling.   

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Mastering Kubernetes Security with Kyverno (LFS255)

As Kubernetes continues to evolve as the de facto standard for orchestration, mastering Kubernetes and cloud native security has become extremely important. 

This course was created with Kubernetes engineers, cluster operators, and security professionals in mind. It helps IT professionals become proficient in Kubernetes policy management, reporting, and managing Kubernetes resources more effectively. As a result, this course will enable those to take it to build the skills they need to hold positions as a Kubernetes security specialist, DevSecOps engineer, or Kubernetes Administrator.

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Introduction to AI/ML Toolkits with Kubeflow (LFS147x)

This course, hosted on the edX platform, was developed for developers, engineers, data scientists, or anyone interested in understanding the anatomy of a machine learning tool kit that harnesses the power of Kubernetes. Course participants will learn to deploy real-world ML projects using Kubeflow.

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