ThanosCon Europe

Happening on 19 March 2024 in Paris

Co-chairs: Bartlomiej Plotka and Sonia Singla

ThanosCon Europe is a day to learn about the work being put into the project by the community and all the rapid improvements being made. Expect to hear how large organizations are using Thanos and how they benefit from the ecosystem. Discover where the Thanos Project is headed and how to get involved. This first-time co-located event is welcome and open to everyone, even early-career folks. Anyone looking to solve their scalable monitoring needs should attend this half-day event.

Who will get the most out of attending ThanosCon Europe?

ThanosCon Europe was designed to appeal to a wide variety of attendees including community members and contributors, Thanos-curious engineering teams, and engineers already maintaining large Thanos deployments and related products or those looking into scalable monitoring solutions and are considering a truly OSS solution. In addition, anyone who uses or contributes to Prometheus and would like to scale their monitoring should attend, as well as early-career folks who would like to get involved in the community.

What is new and different this year?

Everything, since it’s our first year, and we are excited that it is finally happening!

What will the day look like?

We will start with a great introductory talk from the co-authors of the project who will share their deep insights and learnings after having built Thanos. Community talks will include case studies of how organizations as large as Cloudflare and Reddit are using Thanos, and they will share their tips on how to manage Thanos well. Expect some project updates, as well as time spent exploring the extremely innovative things the Thanos community has been working on/using for the past year. There will be additional community talks about new Thanos features and concepts involving QueryAPI and multi-tenancy. And we’ll even have a deep dive into one of our core components and how to run them in a stable manner.

Should I do any homework first?

No preparation from attendees is required! Please come and enjoy the talks and get to know the community.

Learn from others!

Expect to have fun and learn how others scale their metrics solutions to impressive levels using OSS like Prometheus, Thanos, and Kubernetes

Contributed by co-chair Sonia Singla who is looking forward to meeting the Thanos community in Paris and hearing people from a diverse set of organizations talk about their ideas and appreciation for the project.

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