Kubernetes on Edge Day

Happening on 19 March 2024 in Paris

Co-chairs: Tina Tsou and Mars Toktonaliev

Kubernetes on Edge Day Europe is a celebration of the fact that edge computing is here and it’s powered by Kubernetes. We’re showcasing real-world use cases, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies that are driving the adoption of Kubernetes at the edge. This is a community-driven event that’s been happening since May 2021. We’ve curated a program featuring industry leaders, developers, and end-users who are passionate about shaping the future of edge computing. We really hope you’ll have fun, connect, and learn with fellow practitioners.

Who will get the most out of attending Kubernetes on Edge Day?

Anyone involved in deploying, managing, or developing applications for edge environments. This includes DevOps engineers, SREs, developers, architects, and technical decision-makers.

What is new and different this year?

We hope to provide a progression in the conversation around Kubernetes at the edge, moving from introductory topics to more advanced applications and real-world implementations covering diverse areas such as secure software delivery, bridging IoT devices or revolutionizing specific industries like railways.

What will the day look like?

Kubernetes on Edge will be a half-day event that will focus specifically on the use of Kubernetes for managing and orchestrating applications and workloads at the edge. We’ll start at 9:00 and will be done before lunchtime.

Should I do any homework first?

No preparation is needed, and please remember that all presentations will be recorded and later published on CNCF’s YouTube channel.

Find your community!

Huge thanks to our event sponsors, program committee, speakers, CNCF staff and event attendees – the event wouldn’t happen without all of you.

Contributed by co-chair Mars Toktonaliev, who is looking forward to meeting old friends, meeting all the wonderful people, and making new friends in Paris!

CTA: It’s not too late to register for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe in Paris 2024. Get all the details here!