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Meet LitmusChaos at KubeCon EU 2024

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2024 kicks off in the beautiful and mesmerising city of Paris a week from now from March 19-22. The LitmusChaos project is excited to announce its attendance at KubeCon EU this year and is looking forward to talking about Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering with the community. 

Chaos Engineering has exponentially grown to become a hot technology in today’s times with many end-users adopting and scaling the practice in the current times. LitmusChaos usage has grown 30x with the project crossing 30M docker pulls recently.

The project maintainers and contributors will be there at KubeCon EU and are looking forward to having detailed conversations on getting started, using LitmusChaos and contributing to the project.

So meet us at the flagship event and learn more about Chaos Engineering in the open. There are many ways to connect with the project at the event but we are primarily looking to be present at our project booth in the project pavilion which is open to all.

Visit us at kiosk #PP2-A at the project pavilion from Wednesday, 20th March 10:45 AM Onwards. Here’s our booth schedule:

Project: LitmusChaos

Kiosk #: PP2-A

Kiosk Shift: Half

Project Pavilion Hours 

 AM Shift Schedule

Project Engagement opportunities

There are multiple ways you can engage with us at KubeCon EU with the latest project engagement opportunities for the community as well as projects

Meet us at the Project Pavilion Lounge: The Project Pavilion Lounge, situated at the heart of the Pavilion, offers projects and attendees a serene retreat for unwinding and networking in a laid-back environment. 

Let’s Chat at Coffee Stations: Coffee stations will be conveniently located on both sides of the Pavilion, offering a refreshing array of hot beverages to energize and invigorate attendees throughout the event.

Ad-Hoc Meeting Tables: Adjacent to the Project Pavilion, designated tables will be available for projects interested in hosting impromptu on-site meetings. These tables operate on a first-come, first-served basis, providing projects and event attendees the opportunity to convene and collaborate throughout the duration of the week.

Please send an email to and I’ll make sure we are meeting at KubeCon EU 2024

Come along and learn more about chaos engineering

Here is your opportunity to meet the LitmusChaos team, grab cool LitmusChas stickers, and ask questions in person. Whether you’re a Chaos Engineering expert, user, amateur, enthusiast or you are just getting started, the LitmusChaos community is here to provide  guidance on how to get started, the best practices and help you get the most out of LitmusChaos. Here are some of the things you can learn at our booth:

Join the LitmusChaos sessions:

The LitmusChaos community ain’t just limited to the project booth. You don’t want to miss out on participating in the meetings, and a chance to network with other members of the LitmusChaos community. Do attend the Project Meeting and the Maintainer Track session hosted by the LitmusChaos maintainers. Please find the details  on the same below:

  1. Cultural Shifts: Fostering a Chaos First Mindset in Platform Engineering Sayan Mondal, Harness & Raj Vadheraju, FIS

Wednesday March 20, 2024 16:30 – 17:05 CET


Pavilion 7 | Level 7.1 | Room B

  Platform Engineering

  1. Maintainer Track: Fire in the Cloud: Bringing Managed Services Under the Ambit of Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering – Sayan Mondal & Shubham Chaudhary, Harness

Contributor Fest (🚨 Contribfest)

Contribfest sessions are tailored for all conference attendees interested in contributing to CNCF projects. They serve as a collaborative space where project maintainers can engage with both current and potential contributors to collectively tackle challenges and enhance the ecosystem.

Come join the LitmusChaos Contribfest to learn more about contributing to LitmusChaos, join the community, take up some issues and be a LitmusChaos leader moving forward (some swags on offer!!)

ContribFest: Contribute to Chaos Engineering and Get Involved with LitmusChaos

We look forward to seeing you at KubeCon EU 2024!

Connect with LitmusChaos:

In case you are unable to attend KubeCon EU 2024 or haven’t been able to connect with the LitmusChaos community yet, learn more about the LitmusChaos community 

Check out the LitmusChaos Website

The LitmusChaos community continues to grow with amazing contributions (issues, suggestions, PRs) from the community and looks forward to more members joining in and contributing to the growth of the project.

Join the #litmus channel on Kubernetes Slack to become a part of the community. Learn, Ask, and Contribute by being a part of the community.

Check out the Contributing Guide to get started with contributions

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