Happening 19 March 2024 in Paris

Co-chairs: Laurent Bernaille and Bill Mulligan

Cilium + eBPF Day Europe

Cilium + eBPF Day Europe will feature end user stories that highlight how the two technologies are really improving people’s lives. Attendees will get a look at how eBPF is creating the building blocks for technology products and services and how it is shaping the industry. The Cilium Project, meanwhile, is leveraging how organizations handle networking observability and security. Put the two together and there’s a schedule that includes everything from a deep dive into kernel programming in eBPF and debugging to how Roche Pharmaceuticals is deploying it all to edge sites in pharmacies around the world. 

Who will get the most out of attending Cilium + eBPF Day Europe?

Platform engineers will likely benefit most from attending this co-located event. Anyone grappling with building tomorrow’s platforms will get a deep understanding of why eBPF is important to consider and why Cilium is a key part of that. When everything is distributed computing and over the network it’s so important to be able to observe what’s going on and of course keep it secure. 

What is new and different this year?

We’re incorporating more eBPF content, including a deeper look into the kernel. Another interesting area is the convergence of Linux Windows with eBPF – the combination of those two is really compelling and offers the promise of one consistent way to manage an infrastructure wherever it is.

What will the day look like?

We’ve broken the schedule out into several areas: the benefits of eBPF, eBPF internals including how to tie into Cilium, and what we’re calling eBPF-powered, which is all the real world use cases Cilium is solving today.

Should I do any homework first?

We have two (probably biased) pieces of advice. First, it might be a good idea to check out the eBPF documentary we created to get the backstory on the technology. And, second, Bill Mulligan wrote a children’s guide to eBPF, Buzzing Across Space.

Contributed by co-chair Bill Mulligan, who acknowledges it’s cheesy to be looking forward to breaking baguettes with the community!

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