It probably doesn’t get any better than Paris in the spring, but throw in the cloud native community, and… c’est magnifique!

To make sure we all get the absolute most out of Paris, we asked our local experts how best to prepare. Here’s where to start:

Learn a handful of French phrases

CNCF Cloud Native Explorer Aurélie Vache has a gentle reminder that not everyone in Paris is going to be comfortable speaking English so get comfortable with a few simple French phrases, including:

Want to dive deeper? Explore 108 French phrases for travelers.

Reserve ahead of time

Cloud Native Explorer Abdel Sghiouar suggests booking ahead for The Louvre, and that’s also true for other popular destinations including The Catacombs and Versailles. Also, it’s possible to buy a museum pass to get into many sites, but in some cases, visitors will still have to make reservations. Here’s where to buy a Paris Museum Pass and a list to determine where and how to make reservations as needed.

Be open to flexible travel

Andrea Giardini, a CNCF ambassador who has been living in Paris for the last six months, says Paris traffic can be, well, awful at times. “If you’re traveling at the beginning of the day or the end of the day, traffic can be a mess and you can get really stuck for a long time,” he explains. “And that will be true whether you’re in your own car or a taxi.” He suggests taking the Paris Metro and/or trams, and says they’re both relatively easy to navigate and can get a person nearly anywhere in the city. An excellent navigational starting place is Bonjour RATP (you can choose the English option), which will show all the different ways to get from point A to point B. (Save time and download the Bonjour RATP app in the language of your choice.) Also, Aurélie suggests purchasing a “Navigo Easy” pass for the Metro/subway. 

And, bike sharing is also an option!

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