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Happening on 19 March 2024 in Paris

Co-chairs: Helen Greul, Balaji Sivasumbramanian, Waldir Montoya

BackstageCon is the event that showcases platform engineering, a white hot space today. We will also look at the equally important topic of developer productivity. Expect to hear from a wide variety of speakers from the Backstage community including early adopters, active contributors and project partners. This is our third co-located event and the first time BackstageCon will be in Europe, 

Who will get the most out of attending BackstageCon?

We tried to pull together a healthy mix of content from those looking for “Backstage 101” and/or “Developer Productivity 101” to more advanced deep dives. 

What is new and different this year?

We’ve never done this in Europe before so we’re excited to have more end users than ever attending this well established co-located tradition. We have more industries joining us this year from the regulated sector (healthcare, finance) as well as artificial intelligence and even space. Expect a really diverse crowd of industries to be speaking. It just so happens Backstage turns 4 on March 16, so it’s nice to be able to celebrate that milestone with everyone that week.

What will the day look like?

We’ll start off with the basics: how to get up and running and of course Backstage 101 and developer productivity 101. Throughout the day there will be lots of lessons shared by experienced platform engineering adopters because it’s always helpful for people to see what’s around the next corner. We’ll have various speakers in different stages of maturity so attendees can experience what it’s like to “crawl, walk and then run.” We’ll also have technical deep dives looking into how to keep a project secure, how to ensure authorization and some nerdy stuff too. And of course there will be lightning talks as well, which we think will be pretty meaty even if they’re just five minutes long.

Should I do a bit of homework first?

I don’t think we are assuming that people who are attending will necessarily be familiar with the concept of developer experience, but it might be useful to do a vocabulary refresh in developer experience and platform engineering.

Contributed by co-chair Helen Greul, who is looking forward to experiencing the tech scene in Paris.

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