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In the dynamic realm of cloud technology, the Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) Austria 2023 stood as a beacon, showcasing the vibrant potential of cloud-native solutions. Held on September 26th and 27th at the spacious Cineplexx Wienerberg, this pioneering event marked a significant stride towards building a cloud-native Austria. The venue, with its 2 expansive halls, had the capacity to welcome over 500 attendees, creating a buzzing hub of innovation and collaboration.

Participants watching a speaker talk on Kubernetes Community Days Austria 2023

A Collaborative Effort Spanning Three Cities

The idea for KCD Austria was a unique brainchild of three enthusiastic communities from Linz, Graz, and Vienna. This collaboration was spearheaded by 8 core organisers – Daniel Drack, Thomas Schuetz, David Hirsch, David Leitner, Erik Auer, Johannes Grumböck, Thomas Stagl, and Henrik Rexed. Their dedication, coupled with the support of numerous external consultants, helpers, volunteers, and experienced sharers, was pivotal in bringing this vision to life.

A speaker talk on stage on KCD Austia Event

Engaging Content and Global Participation

KCD Austria featured an impressive lineup of 32 sessions spread across two tracks, presented by 35 speakers hailing from various corners of the world, from Israel to South Africa. These sessions were a magnet for approximately 300 attendees from 22 different countries, highlighting the global appeal of the event. The diversity and quality of the sessions were evident from the 123 Call for Papers (CfP) applications received, showcasing a wide range of perspectives and insights.

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A Hub for Networking and Relaxation

The event layout was meticulously planned to foster networking and relaxation. With 13 sponsor booths, attendees had ample opportunities to engage with leading companies and experts in the field. The 2 chillout areas provided much-needed spaces for attendees to unwind, reflect, and form meaningful connections.

Participants networking in event booths

Community Events and Sponsorship

Following KCD Austria, the momentum continued with 4 community events, underlining the sustained interest and engagement in cloud-native technologies. The event was supported by a diverse range of sponsors, including 3 gold sponsors, 10 silver sponsors, 7 community sponsors, and 4 media partners, each playing a crucial role in the event’s success.

Feedback and Future Endeavours

The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with 102 people sharing their experiences – 60 rated the event 5/5, and 52 gave it a solid 4/5. This feedback is a testament to the event’s impact and relevance.

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A person holding popcorn while listening to the talk Demo about Anchor syft + OWASP Dependency Track

If you’re interested in the full transparency report of 2023, have a look here. There you’ll find all our key numbers and interesting facts about KCD Austria 2023.

The Legacy and the Future

The success of KCD Austria led to the founding of the “Cloud Native Austria” association, further cementing the commitment to supporting cloud-native communities across Austria. Looking ahead, the next big event is scheduled for October 8-10, 2024, promising to be another landmark gathering for cloud-native enthusiasts and professionals.

KCD Austria 2023 was not just an event; it was a catalyst for growth, collaboration, and innovation in the Austrian cloud-native landscape. As we look forward to the future, the seeds planted at this event are set to blossom into a thriving ecosystem of cloud-native solutions and expertise.

🚀 Stay tuned, and join us in shaping the future of cloud technology in Austria and beyond!