Community post by Dave Smith-Uchida, Technical Leader at Kasten, by Veeam

Data on Kubernetes is a growing area with databases, object stores and other stateful applications   migrating to the platform.  The Data Protection Working Group focuses on data availability and preservation for Kubernetes – backup, restore, remote replication and ways to facilitate and orchestrate these processes. At the Data Protection Working Group Deep Dive session at Kubecon + CloudNativeCon Paris (March 21st, 11:55 AM) Xing Yang (Cloud Native Storage Tech Lead – VMware) and I will cover topics including: 

The Data Protection Working Group consists of participants who use Kubernetes and who create applications, storage and data protection solutions for the platform.  We’re open to anyone who is interested in protecting their data on Kubernetes.  Come join our session to exchange ideas, learn, find out how to contribute and let us know what your needs are! 

Stop by Veeam’s booth (E11) for in-person demonstrations of our Kasten K10 data protection product and to talk to our subject matter experts. Click here to learn more about the Kubernetes Data Protection Working Group.