Cloud Native Wasm Day Europe

Co-Chairs: Liam Randall, Divya Mohan

Cloud Native Wasm Day is one of the very first co-located events to bring enthusiasts, practitioners, and subject matter experts to the intersection of two ecosystems: cloud native and WebAssembly. It has only grown in popularity ever since its inception back in 2021 at KubeCon EU. The first edition of WasmCon was spun off as a separate event in association with the Bytecode Alliance just last year.

Who will get the most out of attending Cloud Native Wasm Day?

While this began as an avenue for folks who were at the intersection of the two ecosystems to demonstrate the latest goings-on, Wasm has now become ubiquitous not just within the browser but in the cloud native ecosystem as well. Therefore, anyone with an interest in Wasm and/or cloud native tech – irrespective of skill level – is welcome to join us to learn more. As they say, the more, the merrier! 

What is new and different this year?

We’ve just reached a major milestone in the Wasm ecosystem – the launch of WASI Preview 2. This will be one of the key focus areas during the event. Additionally, we’re always keen to have our attendees gain real world insights into how Wasm is being leveraged across the tech ecosystem, whether that be in IoT environments or in AI workloads. So that’s another thing we have considered while curating the schedule.

What will the day be like?

This time around, Cloud Native Wasm Day will be a half day co-located event that will commence in the afternoon. We’re extremely excited to partner with all our speakers, sponsors, and the CNCF to bring you an event that’s packed with all the latest and greatest from the Cloud Native Wasm ecosystem.

Should I do a bit of homework first?

We try to curate every Cloud Native Wasm Day with sessions that are inclusive of all skill levels as far as possible. This time around, we’d recommend attendees to gain a basic understanding of the WebAssembly spec and the Component Model so that they can capitalize on the knowledge sharing during the event. 

Looking for a community?

You’ve found it! This is an event by the community, for the community and we want to encourage an inclusive culture of learning. Therefore, it is highly recommended that our attendees use the forum to ask questions and engage with the speakers. 

Contributed by co-chair Divya Mohan, who is looking forward to experiencing croissants, baguettes, and the cafe and art culture of Paris!

CTA: It’s not too late to register for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024 in Paris and of course attend the Cloud Native Wasm Day #CNWasmDay. Get all the details here!