By Jorge Castro and Shah Ahmadzai

Great news for CNCF projects today! Oracle has donated $3M in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) credits for Ampere-ARM based workloads. We are happy to announce that these credits are now available to all CNCF projects and that we will be working with you to ensure that you’re taking advantage of this generous contribution from Oracle.

CNCF Projects are always in need of infrastructure for continuous integration and testing. The CNCF works together with cloud providers such as Oracle to ensure that these projects have access to the latest innovations in infrastructure. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

Getting Started

If you would like to get started with OCI, please submit a CNCF Service Desk Ticket and include the following information:

Please note that code being run must be 100 percent open source and must not include any sensitive data.

The CNCF expects fair usage of the allocated resources and credits, and reserves the right to terminate any allocated infrastructure resources and revoke access to them in the case of violation of these rules.

If you have any issues submit a CNCF Service Desk Ticket

Helpful resources to get started on OCI: