Ambassador post by Savitha Raghunathan

We are excited to announce the release of Konveyor 0.3.0! This version introduces significant features like the Multi-Language Analyzer, Custom Assessment Module, and Dynamic Reports. Beyond these key features, we’ve incorporated various minor updates to boost performance, address user feedback, and enhance overall usability. 

Major Themes: 

Multi-Language Analyzer 

Introducing Konveyor’s highly anticipated multi-language analyzer in this latest release 0.3.0, a feature that has been in development since December 2022. This feature signifies a major milestone, expanding beyond the significant step taken with the integration of the Windup project for Java applications. Recognizing the need for broader language support, we leverage the Language Server Protocol (LSP) to provide users with a more comprehensive and versatile analysis experience. This strategic approach allows us to efficiently augment language analysis capabilities without the necessity of building full language parsers, delivering a more powerful and inclusive tool for application modernization. 

Custom Assessment Module 

In response to the user feedback, we’ve introduced a new feature called Custom Assessments, allowing users to define their own questionnaires for more tailored and organization-specific insights beyond the tool’s contents with application containerization focus. Additionally, the feature enhances intelligence in question formulation, aligning more closely with application inventory tagging and providing users with meaningful data that resonates with their organization. 


This feature is an enhanced classification system for applications, storing information about various application types within the organization, categorized by their taxonomy. It streamlines the assessment process by automatically classifying applications according to their associated tags. This functionality simplifies the evaluation procedure by alleviating concerns related to the one-to-one relationship between assessments, providing a solution to issues such as cumbersome copying and challenges encountered in large-scale projects. 

Dynamic Reports 

Konveyor’s existing application assessment relies on source code and binary analysis results, traditionally using static Windup output. However, this method lacks aggregation for multiple applications in the inventory. To overcome this limitation, Konveyor has introduced Dynamic

Reports, utilizing data from new LSP analyzers. These reports allow on-demand generation for one or more applications, offering a comprehensive overview of migration issues across the portfolio and enabling in-depth exploration of specific issues, thereby enhancing the flexibility and depth of application analysis within the Konveyor framework. 

Minor improvements: 

These updates aim to refine and enhance the overall user experience of our platform. Some of the notable improvements are: 

● Allow memory and CPU request for windup container to be customized ● Expose Hub metrics 

● Add ServiceMonitor for hub metrics 

● Replace windup with analyzer-lsp 

● Allow pathfinder to be optional 

● Pass proxy configuration through to Hub pod 

● Migrate Pathfinder assessments and remove Pathfinder 

You can check out the changelog here. We value your feedback and encourage you to explore these features as you leverage our latest 0.3.0 release. You can install it from the community operators. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for features, we encourage you to open an issue here. 

Happy Modernizing!!