Community post by Brandon Wick

Working Group Expands Edge Native Applications Principles to Edge Native Design Behaviors in New Whitepaper

View the full Edge Native Application Design Behaviors Whitepaper 

Cloud native application design best practices have been well established, with a notable example being the “Twelve-Factor App methodology.” Edge native application design builds on cloud native application design but several qualities of the Edge and the Cloud differ. Consequently, Edge native application design includes cloud native design principles while also expanding them to meet the unique requirements of the Edge.

Building on the original Edge Native Application Principles Whitepaper (originally published January 17, 2023), the IOT Edge Working Group has developed this supplemental paper that translates the original principles into practice by recommending design behaviors for developing applications for Edge environments. These Edge native design behaviors include:

We debuted the Edge Native Design Behaviors Principles Whitepaper draft on Github and at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023 and incorporated community feedback into this current draft. We hope that you will read the whitepaper, apply these design behaviors to edge native development, and to share your feedback with the IOT EDGE working group.

Edge Native Application Design Behaviors Whitepaper