Ambassador post by Saim Safdar

Implementing Multi-tenancy patterns is becoming increasingly prominent helping drive maximizing resource utilization, reducing operational overhead , and enabling seamless collaboration—all while ensuring the isolation and performance required by each tenant. 

Unwavering support for an Inaugural MultitenancyCon in 2023 

At every KubeCon, the day before the opening keynote is reserved for co-located events. These are focused on specific topics of interest. 2023 is  an inaugural year for Multi-TenancyCon where practitioners shared real-world challenges and innovative solutions around implementing multi-tenancy for K8s environments. The collaborative spirit exhibited during the conference hints at a broader movement within the community, emphasizing the value of shared learnings and collective problem-solving. 

MultitenancyCon EU in Paris 2024

This year in March and in Paris we are inviting you to the second edition of MultiTenancyCon which promises to be a transformative experience, bringing together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to unravel the intricacies of multitenancy operational challenges and explore cutting-edge solutions.

The Program Committee’s Herculean Effort:

At the core of any successful conference lies the diligence and commitment of its program committee. MultiTenancyCon is no exception, with its program committee Dario Tranchitella, Saim Safdar as a Track Chair, and Program Committee reviewers Husni Alhamdani, Ahmed Bebars, Melanie Haughton, Gianluca Mardente, and Sean Wilcox, working tirelessly to curate an agenda that not only addresses the most pressing issues but also embodies the values of diversity and inclusion. The Call for Papers (CFPs) went through a rigorous review process, ensuring that a broad spectrum of voices and perspectives would be represented in the final schedule. 

Navigational Practices: A Unifying Theme:

As organizations grapple with the challenges of multitenancy, the need for effective navigational practices has never been more critical. MultiTenancyCon 2024 is designed to be a compass, guiding participants through the maze of operational challenges and associated risks. Whether it’s optimizing resource utilization, enhancing security protocols, or fostering a culture of innovation within shared environments, the conference will explore real-world solutions that attendees can implement in their own organizational contexts.

Understanding Operational Challenges and Mitigating Risks:

The heart of MultiTenancyCon lies in its mission to provide actionable insights into operational challenges and associated risks. Through keynote presentations, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops, participants will gain a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of multitenancy. From scalability issues to data security concerns, the conference will dissect the challenges organizations face and present innovative solutions to overcome them.


MultiTenancyCon 2024 it’s a convergence of minds dedicated to shaping the future of As-a-Service technologies. With a program committee committed to diversity and inclusion, the support of Fortune 500 companies, and a focus on navigational practices, the conference promises to be a transformative experience for all who attend. As we navigate the intricate landscape of multitenancy, MultiTenancyCon stands as a beacon of knowledge, illuminating the path forward for organizations seeking to thrive in shared environments.