Project post by Cilium maintainers

2023 marks a significant milestone for Cilium, known as the Year of Cilium Graduation. This year, we’ve seen remarkable growth in the Cilium ecosystem, both in terms of contributions and adoption. The 2023 Cilium Annual Report aims to highlight these advancements, focusing on the growth and activities within the Cilium contributor and end-user community.

The report provides a comprehensive look at the community’s health through both numerical data, like project milestones and commits, and personal insights from community leaders, end-users, and contributors. It delves into several key areas: the progress of Cilium graduation, growth in contributors, major release highlights, feedback from the 2023 Cilium User Survey, Cilium’s usage in production environments, community engagement and quotes, community events, and the project’s direction for 2024.

A standout feature of the report is its demonstration of Cilium’s widespread use. Major cloud providers, numerous Kubernetes distributions, and hundreds of public end-user organizations now depend on Cilium for their cloud native networking, observability, and security needs.

Once you have read the 2023 Cilium Annual Report, there are many ways to get involved. The best way to start is to check out the Cilium project on GitHub. There, you can find information about the project and ways to get involved, such as reporting bugs, suggesting new features, or contributing code. Additionally, the Cilium community is active on Slack and Twitter. If you want to follow along for now, sign up for the newsletter. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to