KubeCon + CloudNativeCon has always been the place to explore cutting-edge technology, and our upcoming event in Chicago is no exception. From ChatGPT and Dall-E 2, to Adobe’s Firefly, Generative AI has evolved at lightning speed.

But did you know that Kubernetes was pivotal for OpenAI as they pioneered ChatGPT? The AI movement is here, and it’s powered by cloud native.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the AI movement – join us for a host of insightful AI-focussed events throughout KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA:

Kuberentes AI + HPC Day

Monday, November 6

In partnerships with CERN and Bloomberg, this CNCF-hosted co-located event is specifically designed for open source contributors, practitioners, researchers, and end users who want to make Kubernetes the best tool to manage infrastructure for research, training and production use cases. You can see the full schedule here

You must have an in-person all-access pass to participate in Kubernetes AI + HPC Day.

AI Hub

Wednesday, November 8

This one day unconference will explore AI topics impacting the cloud native community. LLMs, AI policy, AI operations, AI data governance and more. 

With a keynote from CERN’s Ricardo Rocha, and a demo sharing insights into the world of Transformers and their integration with open-source technologies by Guillaume Salou of Hugging Face, this event promises to be packed with lively, active conversations driven by those leveraging AI in their organizations. The AI Hub experience is included in your KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in-person pass.

Have an idea for the unconference sessions? Get the conversation started now by submitting an idea for consideration in the schedule.  

In addition to these events, there are great talks happening throughout the event. Here are some of those talks for you to add to your schedule planning.

The Future of Interactive Data Science at Scale with Jupyter and Kubeflow – Andrey Velichkevich & Zachary Sailer, Apple

Unlocking the Full Potential of GPUs for AI Workloads on Kubernetes – Kevin Klues, NVIDIA

Maximizing GPU Utilization in Kubernetes with Virtual Kubelets – Goutam Verma, Google Summer of Code & Dean Troyer, Salad

Observing a Large Language Model in Production – Phillip Carter, Honeycomb

Mastering LLM Delivery in Private Clouds: A Journey to Seamless Deployments with Kubernetes and OCI – Autumn Moulder & Marwan Ahmed, Cohere

Supercharge Your AI Platform with KubeRay: Ray + Kubernetes – Archit Kulkarni, Anyscale & Winston Chiang, Google

Improving MTTR by 80% Through GenAI-Powered Operational Data Platform at Intuit – Vigith Maurice & Amit K, Intuit

Kube of Thoughts – Scaling Generative AI Models with Kubernetes and Inference Decision Trees – Asheesh Goja, Amazon Web Services

An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Discovering Chicago Film Sets with MLOps in Kubernetes – Annie Talvasto, VSHN & Adi Polak, Treeverse

We look forward to seeing you at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon next week and innovating together. Don’t have your ticket yet? There is still time. Register here