Guest post by Julia Furst Morgado, Global Technologist at Kasten by Veeam

The pandemic has brought significant changes in our lives, prompting many of us to reevaluate our career paths and make bold decisions. For me, it was the push I needed to embark on a journey from having limited knowledge in tech to becoming a CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) Ambassador. In this article, I want to share the crucial factors that contributed to my success and provide guidance to those considering a similar path.

From the very beginning, the tech community played a pivotal role in my journey. Having a support system and people to guide you is crucial, especially when facing imposter syndrome and the feeling of not belonging. I engaged in over 100 tech coffee chats – informal virtual calls with professionals already in the industry. These conversations not only expanded my network but also provided valuable insights into their unique journeys and roles. By staying connected with them through platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, I continued to meet new people, connect with mentors, and find supporters who were willing to guide and encourage me.

Jumping into open source projects was where the real magic happened for me. I started by contributing to the translation of Kubernetes documentation into different languages and expanding the CNCF glossary. This hands-on involvement not only allowed me to learn by deploying and implementing new technologies but also enabled me to make meaningful contributions to the tech community. Contributing to open source projects provides an opportunity to collaborate with experienced developers, gain practical experience, and showcase your skills.

While there are numerous free resources available online to learn about tech, the best way to truly grasp the concepts is by applying them to real projects. Learning by doing allows you to acquire essential skills like problem-solving, debugging, and working with new technologies. Embrace the practical aspect of your learning journey, and don’t be afraid to dive into projects that challenge you. Remember, everything is difficult before it becomes easy.

As I progressed in my learning journey, I realized the power of “learning in public.” I started creating online content such as blog posts, YouTube videos, and giving talks. I organized meetups and study sessions to help newcomers navigate the world of DevOps and cloud-native tools. Sharing my knowledge and experiences not only helped others but also reinforced my own understanding of the subject matter. The tech community is hungry for knowledge, and by contributing to it, you become an integral part of its growth.

Becoming a CNCF Ambassador was a dream I never thought possible, especially considering my limited tech background compared to other ambassadors. However, I realized that my strength lies in simplifying complex concepts for a broader audience and being relatable. Each of us has unique strengths, and success comes from recognizing and embracing them. Don’t compare yourself to others; instead, focus on what makes you stand out and how you can utilize those strengths to make a meaningful impact.

If you’re considering a career transition into the tech industry, I encourage you to take that leap of faith. Surround yourself with a supportive community, put yourself out there, and embrace the challenges that come your way. Remember that growth often stems from fear, stress, and risk-taking. Consistency is key to success. Believe in yourself and your abilities and unlock the magic of your tech journey. It may not always be easy, but the rewards are worth it.

To those eager to start their tech journey, even without a strong technical background, I invite you to join my upcoming talk at KubeCon. Let’s learn together, inspire one another, and empower everyone to chase their tech dreams.

Wishing you the best as you embark on your incredible tech adventure!


Julia Furst Morgado is a Global Technologist on the Product Strategy – Office of the CTO team at Kasten by Veeam. Her passion is making Cloud Native technologies and DevOps best practices easier to understand by sharing her knowledge and experiences. She is also committed to empowering communities as an AWS Community Builder, a CNCF Ambassador, a Google Women Techmakers Ambassador and Girl Code Ambassador. Additionally, she organizes the NY Code & Coffee Meetup and KubeHuddle conference, further fostering collaboration and learning opportunities.

Julia Furst Morgado