By Matthew Cascio, lead organizer, KCD Washington DC

*Kubernetes Community Days Washington DC* (KCD DC) recently celebrated its third consecutive year with great success, leaving attendees inspired and the Kubernetes community buzzing with energy. For the second year in a row, this remarkable event partnered with the American Red Cross, bringing together 120 attendees, 15 outstanding speakers, and 14 illuminating talks within the historic setting of the American Red Cross national headquarters. What’s more, the generosity of both attendees and sponsors shone through, resulting in over $1,000 in donations to support American Red Cross disaster relief programs. But that’s not all – KCD DC took a bold step this year by co-locating the event with DevOpsDays DC, and the post-event survey indicates that it was a resounding success.

A Confluence of Minds and Hearts

KCD DC has always been a vibrant gathering of Kubernetes enthusiasts, and this year was no different. With a record-breaking attendance of 120 participants, the event reaffirmed its status as a must-attend for those passionate about Kubernetes. But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the connections and knowledge shared. 

The American Red Cross provided an extraordinary backdrop, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and community spirit. The historic setting seemed to inspire everyone, speakers and attendees alike, as they delved into a wide array of Kubernetes-related topics through 14 incredible talks.

A Partnership with Purpose

For the second year running, KCD DC was honored to collaborate with the American Red Cross. The partnership served as a reminder of the importance of giving back to the community. Thanks to the generosity of those in attendance and our dedicated sponsors, we were able to collect over $1,000 in donations to support American Red Cross disaster relief programs. This heartwarming act of kindness was a testament to the benevolence and unity that runs through the Kubernetes community.

A New Chapter: Co-locating with DevOpsDays DC

This year marked a significant milestone as KCD DC took the bold step of co-locating the event with DevOpsDays DC. The move was met with enthusiasm from attendees and sponsors alike. The post-event survey resoundingly indicated that this decision was a resounding success.

With 120 total attendees, 15 speakers, 11 paying sponsors, and 7 community partners, this year’s KCD DC was the biggest and most collaborative yet. But what truly stood out was the increasing diversity within the community. Non-male participation rose to approximately 20%, showcasing the industry’s commitment to inclusivity. Moreover, nearly 20% of attendees represented government agencies, further highlighting the broad appeal of Kubernetes in the public sector.

Celebrating Success and Community Spirit

The success of KCD DC was not just measured in numbers; it was reflected in the energy, enthusiasm, and collaboration that permeated the event. The post-event survey revealed an impressive overall satisfaction rating of 4.3 stars, a testament to the dedication and hard work of the organizers, speakers, and attendees.

One of our Platinum Sponsors, Raft, summed up the sentiment perfectly, stating, “We connected with a lot of smart and talented industry professionals and made lasting connections. It was great to see the D.C. tech community is still thriving! Looking forward to next year!” Raft’s words capture the essence of KCD DC – a place where networking and learning flourish, and where the spirit of community and collaboration reigns supreme.

Key Takeaways from KCD DC 2023

  1. Record Attendance: With 120 attendees, KCD DC continued to grow, attracting Kubernetes enthusiasts from various backgrounds.
  1. Community Partnership: The partnership with the American Red Cross showcased the generosity and community spirit of the Kubernetes community, resulting in over $1,000 in donations for disaster relief.
  1. Co-location Success: Co-locating with DevOpsDays DC proved to be a winning move, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among a diverse group of attendees.
  1. Diverse Participation: The event witnessed increased non-male participation and government agency representation, reflecting the Kubernetes community’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.
  1. Satisfaction and Connection: Attendees and sponsors alike left the event with high satisfaction levels and lasting connections, emphasizing the value of KCD DC in fostering professional growth and networking opportunities.

Looking Forward to KCD DC 2024

As we bid adieu to KCD DC 2023, we eagerly anticipate what the future holds. With each passing year, this event continues to evolve, attracting more diverse voices, and strengthening the bonds within the Kubernetes community. The success of co-locating with DevOpsDays DC has opened up exciting possibilities for future collaborations and learning opportunities. Read our transparency report to learn more  and check out the videos to see what you missed!

KCD DC 2024 promises to be even more remarkable, with engaging speakers, cutting-edge Kubernetes insights, and an unwavering commitment to community and inclusivity. We can’t wait to see you there, as we roll into the future together, celebrating Kubernetes, collaboration, and community spirit!