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Istio Certified Associate badge

You Know the Power of Istio – Show Off Your Skill

In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern IT, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. As businesses increasingly adopt microservices architectures and cloud-native technologies, professionals who can effectively manage and secure these intricate systems are in high demand. This is where Istio steps in as a game-changer.

To help you prove your Istio skills to current and future employers, Linux Foundation Training and Certification is pleased to announce the Istio Certified Associate (ICA) certification exam.

Originally developed and maintained by Tetrate, the ICA is designed for anyone who has a hand in enhancing the performance, reliability and security of applications, and is particularly important for IT professionals and software engineers working to advance their careers.

“Investing in demonstrating your command of Istio is a strategic move for any IT professional,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, and General Manager, Linux Foundation Training & Certification. “An ICA certification positions you as a valuable asset to employers looking to stay ahead.”

“Istio is helping to drive service mesh adoption and maturation, especially given its recent CNCF graduation,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, CNCF. “Organizations should be investing in not only service mesh technology to secure, connect, and monitor services in cloud native applications but also in making sure its people have a firm understanding of the technology.” 

One of our earliest efforts at Tetrate was educating the market on service mesh technology with Tetrate Academy,” said Varun Talwar, co-founder, Tetrate. “We are proud to see the Linux Foundation and CNCF take on the certification exam and make it available for the entire community after more than 16,000 courses delivered and 13,000 people served through Tetrate Academy.”

The exam explores the following domains and competencies:

  1. Installation, Upgrades & Configuration (7%)
  2. Traffic Management (40%)
  3. Resiliency & Fault Injection (20%)
  4. Securing Workloads (20%)
  5. Advanced Scenarios (13%)

Candidates have two hours to complete the exam tasks. Successful candidates will receive a digital certificate and badge.

The ICA (Istio Certified Associate) certification exam can be purchased as of September 21, 2023 but the ability to schedule and take an ICA (Istio Certified Associate) exam will not be available until November 2023. Registrants will be notified as soon as scheduling is available.

You’ve embraced Istio, now open the door to the next step in your IT career, enroll to become ICA certified today.