Guest post by Leonard Pahlke and Kristina Devochko

The CNCF Technical Advisory Group for Environmental Sustainability (TAG ENV) is excited to announce the Cloud Native Sustainability Week 2023 and YOU are invited!

Cloud Native Sustainability Week is a global event organized by the CNCF community that will take place during the second week of October (week 41). During the week, the community will come together to engage and discuss the emerging topic of environmental sustainability in the cloud native industry and open source space. In addition to the global virtual event organized by the CNCF TAG ENV, there will be 26 local meetups happening across 19 countries and 5 continents. Below is a visual representation of all local meetups scheduled at the time of this writing.

You can find an overview of all the local meetups, including event links and organizer information here (please note that not all details are yet finalized, and the table is being updated continuously):

Visual representation of all the Cloud Native Sustainability Week local meetups.

The picture above is a visual representation of all the Cloud Native Sustainability Week local meetups. A lot of collaborative community effort is being put into making Cloud Native Sustainability Week a truly global event!

Cloud Native Sustainability Week Mission

The primary goal of Cloud Native Sustainability Week is to engage with the community and the wider IT industry to enhance awareness and knowledge sharing around the dynamically evolving and critical topic of cloud native sustainability. The event will place emphasis on the significance of the TAG ENV and provide guidance on how participants can actively engage with its ongoing projects and initiatives. TAG ENV believes that this collaborative approach will help enable attendees to contribute to the future development of cloud native sustainability domain and the TAG ENV itself.

Apart from that, the Cloud Native Sustainability Week aims to identify knowledge gaps within the domain of cloud native environmental sustainability where further exploration and knowledge sharing is needed. By bringing together cloud native and open source enthusiasts and professionals, TAG ENV aims to encourage them to actively engage in the development and enhancement of existing projects and tools related to the cloud native sustainability. Together, the cloud native community can drive innovation and future progress in this field.

TAG ENV is looking forward to sparking meaningful discussions and inspiring each other with the actions that can be taken towards a more sustainable future of the cloud native ecosystem!

Why should YOU join Cloud Native Sustainability Week?

As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, it’s crucial for the technology industry to address its impact. The event brings together a diverse community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about cloud native technologies and sustainability.

By joining the CNCF Global Week of Cloud Native Sustainability, you have the opportunity to contribute to a global effort that promotes environmental sustainability in the cloud native industry. You will have the chance to network, share knowledge, inspire and be inspired together with other passionate and motivated professionals. By supporting this initiative, you get to be a part of the global movement that is making a positive impact on the planet and strives for making long-lasting changes in the space of cloud native sustainability.

We are stronger together!

About CNCF Technical Advisory Group for Environmental Sustainability

The CNCF Technical Advisory Group Environmental Sustainability (TAG ENV) is a community group which focuses on the cloud native sustainability domain, specifically when it comes to establishing respective best practices and standards as well as promoting sustainability awareness via other related initiatives. TAG ENV’s primary objective is to advocate for, develop, support, and evaluate environmental sustainability initiatives within cloud native technologies.

TAG ENV aims to identify approaches for service providers to minimize their resource consumption and carbon footprint using cloud native tools. TAG ENV collaborates with the open source community to establish sustainability criteria for the cloud native landscape, support and endorse open source projects for tracking and reducing their carbon emissions, and promote optimized cloud native infrastructure as one of the means to address environmental challenges in the IT industry.

TAG ENV strives to increase awareness of environmental sustainability within open source development and actively supports projects that foster an understanding of energy and resource efficiency. The TAG’s aim is to positively impact the community by fostering a sustainability-focused mindset, improving resource efficiency, and placing environmental sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s agenda.

You can learn more about the CNCF TAG Environmental Sustainability on their website:

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in learning more about Cloud Native Sustainability Week, exploring both global and local meetups that are being planned, and discovering how you can participate in this event, please visit the dedicated page on the CNCF Technical Advisory Group for Environmental Sustainability (TAG ENV) website:

The CNCF Technical Advisory Group for Environmental Sustainability is excited to see you at Cloud Native Sustainability Week!