The CNCF has established a new Code of Conduct Committee (see our prior blog post about CNCF’s new system for resolving incidents). The CNCF Code of Conduct Committee (“CoC Committee”) will respond to, investigate, and resolve Code of Conduct (“CoC”) incidents that occur in the CNCF community. Under the Code of Conduct Committee Charter, the committee will consist of 3 elected community members and 2 CNCF-appointed staff members, plus alternates.

The community representatives will be elected by a vote of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC).

The 3 candidates receiving the highest number of votes will serve as primary representatives of the CoC Committee, and the 3 candidates receiving the next highest number of votes shall serve as alternates.

Nomination of Community Member Representatives

The TOC is requesting nominations of eligible individuals. The TOC encourages nominations of individuals who are members of the following committees and groups within CNCF:

Furthermore, nominations of individuals who do not belong to any of the groups above but nonetheless meet the eligibility criteria described in the Code of Conduct Committee Charter will be considered. 

The TOC will accept nominations for interested individuals until noon Pacific time on September 19, 2023. An eligibility verification period of two weeks will be in place after the nomination period. After the announced eligibility verification period closes, the TOC will hold a private ballot election using time-limited Condorcet ranking and use the Schulze method to break ties. The TOC will publicly announce the winners of the election.


To be eligible to serve as a primary or alternate member of the CoC Committee, an individual must not have violated the CNCF Code of Conduct within the prior 18 months.

Additionally, elected community member representatives are subject to the following eligibility criteria:

Process for nominations

The TOC will open the call for nominations on the TOC mailing list.

Interested parties must provide:

Information may be submitted to by the nominee. Individuals interested in nominating another candidate must show that the nominee agreed to be nominated.

CoCC Election Schedule: