By Taylor Dolezal, Head of Ecosystem at CNCF

We are thrilled to introduce a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to the cloud native community: the formation of the CNCF End User Technical Advisory Board (TAB), to be launched in October 2023.

The End User TAB is a pioneering initiative designed to ensure that the needs and perspectives of end users are adequately and effectively represented in CNCF community decisions. This is part of our broader mission to drive the future of cloud native technologies in a direction that benefits all stakeholders.

Composed of representatives from End User members, the End User TAB will serve as a bridge between end users and the various CNCF governing bodies, including the Governing Board and the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC). 

Scope of the End User TAB

Here are some of the key responsibilities that the End User TAB will undertake:

Initial End User TAB

The End User TAB will eventually consist of a combination of elected and appointed representatives of End User Member companies. However, for the first year of the End User TAB’s existence, we propose a different method for selecting the initial TAB representatives. 

Because the End User TAB is a new body, developing and refining its operating procedures will require time. To ensure that the initial End User TAB consists of a diverse set of individuals who are highly engaged in our community and can help the TAB launch with a strong start, we propose that the initial End User TAB consist of individuals that CNCF has invited based on their level of engagement with the End User community and other relevant CNCF governing bodies (e.g., individuals who have chaired End User Groups or have current or prior experience serving on the TOC). 

Proposed Roadmap and Timeline

August 22, 2023 – September 7, 2023The proposed structure and draft charter for End User TAB shared with the Governing Board, TOC, and End User community for their feedback and comments
September 7-11, 2023CNCF will update the proposal and draft charter in response to your comments and submit it to the Governing Board for approval
September 14, 2023The Governing Board will vote on the proposed End User TAB structure and charter
October 2023Launch of initial End User TAB
Q4 2024End User TAB elections for the 2025 term

Creating the End User TAB is a significant step toward a more inclusive and representative CNCF community. By incorporating diverse perspectives and experiences, we can ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are taken into account in our decision-making processes.

We’re incredibly excited about the potential of the End User TAB to enrich our community, and we’re looking forward to sharing more updates soon. As always, we’re grateful for your involvement in the CNCF community and eager to work together to shape the future of cloud native technologies.