The Flux project is thrilled to announce the general availability (GA) release of Flux v2. 

Flux GA infographic

Flux’s move to general availability represents a significant milestone in the CNCF ecosystem. This progression not only exemplifies the CNCF’s commitment to the growth and maturity of cloud native technologies but also demonstrates Flux’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of developers worldwide. Learn more at this CNCF webinar.

“With the GA of Flux 2.0, we are celebrating another step forward in cloud native innovation in the GitOps space,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, CNCF. “The journey of Flux from inception to the latest release has been one of remarkable growth and development. We applaud the work Flux has done meeting advanced SLSA requirements to improve security practices and the work they are continuing doing to cultivate their broad community.”

Flux v2.0.0 comes with the promotion of the GitOps related APIs to v1 and adds horizontal scaling & sharding capabilities to Flux controllers. The Git bootstrap capabilities provided by the Flux CLI and by Flux Terraform Provider are now considered stable and production ready.

Starting with this version, the build, release and provenance portions of the Flux project supply chain provisionally meet SLSA Build Level 3.

Flux GA is fully integrated with Kubernetes Workload Identity for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud to facilitate passwordless authentication to OCI sources (container images, OCI artifacts, Helm charts).

The Flux alerting capabilities have been extended with PagerDuty and Google Pub/Sub support. The improved Alert v1beta2 API provides better control over events filtering and allows users to enrich the alerts with custom metadata.

End User Quotes

“GitOps practices and Flux has elevated our engineering: code infra as software, eliminate human intervention, accelerate lead time for changes – without compromising security requirements.”

– Tahir Raza, Staff Engineer, Cloud & Platform Engineering, Best Buy

“Safaricom PLC provides mobile telephony, mobile money transfer, consumer electronics, e-commerce, cloud computing, data, music streaming, and fiber optic services to the Kenyan Market predominantly and to the wider East Africa. So, Flux has been an essential part of critical areas such as deployment frequency, standardization, and security, among other GitOps capabilities that help us to be competitive. We are excited about Flux 2.0 and the project’s continued maturity.”

– Winnie Gakuru, DevSecOps Engineer II, Safaricom PLC

“Flux is often my go-to technology choice for building multi-cluster and even multi-region deployment patterns. It helps me enable teams in evolving their applications from one cluster to many with consistent and repeatable config.” 

– Bryan Oliver, Principal, ThoughtWorks 

“Flux has made growing and maintaining the many k8s clusters we’ve plugged into our software pipeline an amazing experience. GitOps is the only way to keep our velocity from being bogged down by the huge amount of complexity in building internet scale systems. Just as no serious developer would code without using version control, deploying and documenting systems without GitOps is setting yourself up for a lot of stressful sprints.”

– A. Stevko, Director of Cloud Engineering, Trugard Labs Inc

“FluxCD has become the rock in our infrastructure stack. Its reliability and ability to do all the small things great have kept it a core piece of software we have installed in all of our client environments. We’ve been using FluxCD for several years now, and it has never let us down. It’s always been there, working quietly in the background, ensuring that our Kubernetes clusters are always up-to-date and running smoothly.”

– Jonathan Meyers, FluxCD, CEO, DoneOps 

Maintainer Quotes

“It has been a fantastic journey of rebuilding the original Flux into a microservices architecture, adding Flagger as a subproject, getting validated as a graduated project in the CNCF, and now reaching GA with Flux 2.0. I am grateful to work with great teams, maintainers, contributors, and partners, and then  to see major enterprises and cloud providers relying on Flux to start or mature their Kubernetes journey. Keeping great company with users (the likes of Amazon AWS, D2iQ, Microsoft Azure, VMware, Weaveworks, GitLab, Volvo, SAP, Xenit and many more) keeps me motivated for the future innovations and growth for Flux.”

– Stefan Prodan, Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Weaveworks + Flux maintainer and Flagger creator 

“Xenit is proud to be contributors and maintainers of the Flux project, which is the GitOps tool of choice for enterprises and cloud providers such as Volvo, GitLab, Microsoft, and AWS. We are particularly proud to be part of Flux’s major milestones: not only graduating in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation some months ago, but now getting Flux to 2.0 and general availability. We enjoy being part of the Flux community and look forward to the next stages of this growing community.”

– Simon Gottschlag, CTO, Xenit

Ecosystem Partner Quotes

“Developers around the world love Flux 2.0 :slightly_smiling_face: Weaveworks couldn’t be prouder of our longstanding investment to support Flux and the ever-growing ecosystem of integrations like Terraform, OCI, Cloudformation and so many others. Flux is available in so many places from banks and clouds to cars and planes. We shall continue to put our hearts into Flux both in the CNCF and in our Weave GitOps dashboard and enterprise automation platform.”

– Alexis Richardson, CEO, Weaveworks

“EKS Anywhere has been providing GitOps capabilities with Flux to our happy enterprise customers. We’ve been testing Flux 2.0 since our EKS-A v0.16.0 release and it has been solid. Flux, as a CNCF Graduated project and now with its GitOps components at GA, has been reliable and enterprise grade so that we can deliver the best experience to the customers who depend on our quality of product.”

– Joey Wang, Senior Software Engineer, Amazon Web Services

“GitLab picked Flux for its official GitOps integration within our GitLab agent for Kubernetes. Flux’s maturation and reliability have continued to show as we’ve tested Flux 2.0 in development.  Now with Flux’s GA, we can continue to build the best user experience for our enterprise customers on solid foundations.”

– Viktor Nagy, Senior Product Manager, Environments group, GitLab

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