Ambassador post by Carol Valencia, CNCF Ambassador

The CNCF Security Technical Advisory Group known as TAG Security is a group that fosters collaboration to explore and create valuable resources aimed at enhancing secure access, policy control, and overall safety for operators, administrators, developers, and end-users throughout the cloud native ecosystem.

The Cloud Native Security Whitepaper 

The whitepaper benefits from comprehensive access to a wealth of information encompassing the entire spectrum of building, distributing, deploying, and running secure cloud native capabilities. This encompasses a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

Why is it important to have a Spanish version?

“Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and the world’s second-most spoken native language”

– From the blog Cloud Native Hispanic Glossary version is live.

The availability of comprehensive resources on Cloud Native Security practices would greatly benefit the Hispanic community by facilitating their understanding and adoption of best practices. By providing these resources in the Spanish language, it would ensure that language barriers do not hinder the dissemination of critical knowledge within the community. This would enable Spanish-speaking professionals, developers, operators, and administrators to access and comprehend the security guidelines, frameworks, and recommendations specific to cloud native environments.

Furthermore, the promotion of a white paper on Cloud Native Security, particularly in the Spanish language, holds significant value within governmental organizations where the requirement for Spanish documents is mandatory. Government entities often have strict guidelines and regulations which dictate the use of official languages. By offering the white paper in Spanish, it ensures compliance with these regulations and allows the information to reach and influence decision-makers within governmental organizations.

The availability of a Spanish version of the white paper would serve as a crucial reference and educational material for government officials, policymakers, and IT departments in the public sector. It would help them understand the unique security challenges and solutions associated with cloud native architectures. By adopting the recommended best practices outlined in the white paper, governments can enhance their security posture and effectively protect sensitive data and critical systems.

Moreover, the white paper’s availability in Spanish would contribute to the overall growth and maturation of the cloud native ecosystem in Spanish-speaking regions. It would foster a sense of inclusivity, encouraging collaboration and knowledge-sharing among Spanish-speaking professionals. This, in turn, would lead to the development of a strong and self-sustaining community that can collectively address and overcome cloud native security challenges specific to their linguistic and cultural contexts.

In summary, offering comprehensive resources on Cloud Native Security in Spanish would not only benefit the Hispanic community by enabling the understanding and adoption of best practices, but also cater to the specific language requirements within governmental organizations. It would contribute to improved security practices, informed decision-making, and the establishment of a vibrant and empowered Spanish-speaking cloud native community.

Why join the Spanish community 🙂

Why Join? You’ll learn about relatively new technical concepts and even new words in your own language. Collaborating with people from different countries that share the same language is insightful. Join us and start today! – Our team is very inclusive and supportive; everyone is there to help new contributors get up to speed with this initiative. It is also a great way for contributors to gain technical knowledge and mentor others.

There are several projects and initiatives you can participate in to help the Spanish community with translation; currently, we’re working on the following initiatives – Glossary – Kubernetes documentation – Security white paper. We meet weekly, you can find more details in the Kubernetes slack #kubernetes-doc-es. We’ll support you every step of the way as you work on your first term. Start with something small and simple.

For the glossary, hop on our channel #glossary-localization-spanish and say “Hola.” Its goal is to explain cloud native concepts in clear and simple language without requiring any previous technical knowledge. 

Finally, we are working on the new version(V2)  of the whitepaper, more details here.



Contributors: Alba Ferri, Alfredo Pardo, Luis Cacho, Carolina Valencia, Rodolfo Vega, Victor Morales 

Reviewers: Carolina Valencia, Rodolfo Vega, Vicente Jimenez Miras, Victor Morales, Rael Garcia, José Carlos Chávez 

A huge thank you to Brandon Lum, Andrés Vega, and TAG Security, for their immense help throughout this journey!!