Today we’re thrilled to announce 155 new Cloud Native Ambassadors for the Spring 2023 term! The new diverse group of Ambassadors represents 124 companies across 37 countries – meet all the new Ambassadors here.

The new Cloud Native Ambassadors (CNAs) will serve as advocates for the cloud native ecosystem for one year until March 2024. Driven by their passion for CNCF technologies and projects, they will help us further the mission of open source innovation and making cloud native ubiquitous.

We launched the original Cloud Native Ambassadors program in 2016 to grow the CNCF community and educate the larger open source community about CNCF projects. It started with about 15 Ambassadors and quickly grew to 140, representing 74 organizations and 30 countries.

We recently decided to revamp the program to improve its impact on the industry, provide its members with better guidance, more benefits, and further its goals of promoting cloud native technologies and CNCF projects worldwide. 

New program highlights: 

A committee of six CNCF staff members reviewed the 300+ applications. Applications were reviewed on a weighted basis. The selection process for the old program was more informal, with a small committee reviewing and selecting 1-2 new members a month. The new selection process allowed a broader range of skills to be considered. Where the old program focused more on technical contributions, the new program looked other important community contributions like event organization, speaking, mentoring, and content creation.  

Congrats, and welcome to the class of Spring 2023! We look forward to seeing all of the exciting things we can accomplish together. 

Are you interested in becoming an official Cloud Native Ambassador? Applications for the next term will open in July 2023, and the term will begin in October. Follow @CloudNativeFdn and @CNCFAmbassadors for updates on the program.