Project post originally published on the Buildpack’s blog by Juan Bustamante

Our adopters and contributors have grown substantially over the last several years, but until now the Cloud Native Buildpacks project has not had a structure that would allow us to foster partner projects. That’s why we’re creating a new organization.

The Buildpacks Community organization is a vendor-neutral Github organization where the community provides trusted Cloud Native Buildpacks tooling, platforms, and integrations.

The community org will provide a staging area to incubate new technologies and projects that solve common yet still relatively niche problems that are not suitable to be added to the core Buildpacks organization.

For a project to be admitted to the Buildpacks community organization, it must meet several criteria, but the first step is to create a Github issue in the Buildpacks Community repository. Once it is mature enough to be part of the core Buildpacks organization, the project maintainers can request for the project to be graduated into the core Buildpacks organization.

If you want to know more, you can find all the details in the RFC.

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